A stock photo of solar panels in a bay outside of Shanghai, China. A stock photo of solar panels in a bay outside of Shanghai, China.

The Climate Crisis Calls for Action

At present, our planet is experiencing growing challenges and crises related to its changing climate, including rising seas, urban flooding, and food and water insecurity. We need new solutions for these crises and new leaders to implement them.

The MPS in Urban Sustainability and Resilience is a new program emerging in response to the inreasing need for climate leadership. Miami sits at the Achilles’ heel of climate-related stressors and shocks in coastal communities in the continental United States, and our courses offer students the opportunity to use this city as a living classroom. While enrolled, MPS students learn from the work being carried out by local governments, non-profits, and communities, and the research carried out across the University tackling some of these already-present climate-related challenge.

The MPS program has built-in flexibility, allowing students to craft their course selections to develop expertise in one particular area related to sustainability or resilience. Students have the opportunity to be introduced to different topics across varied academic units. The program also offers students three capstone options to choose from – those with a background in architecture and urban design can select a design studio, those interested in research opportunities can write a journal-worthy paper, and those pursuing professional practice can undertake an internship in government or private practice.

If you are forward-thinking with a passion for environmental wellbeing, we encourage you to consider this degree program.

Jobs in sustainability and resilience are projected to grow 13% annually over the next 10 years and Miami is at the epicenter of these ecological dilemmas and a living laboratory in which to study these effects in real time. We invite you to connect with us, visit our campus, and help us provide the knowledge you will need to launch your career.

This interdisciplinary program is a joint collaboration offered by the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development and the School of Architecture.